The Year of the Great British Staycation

The coronavirus pandemic has placed plenty of limits on our freedoms in the last few months, and, whilst a few regulations have been lifted now, we are going back to an entirely new normal. With lockdown ending soon, many people will be keen to explore the UK in 2021.

Where can I go?

If you were hoping to travel abroad, the latest changes in regulation have made it possible for Brits to travel to certain places. Whilst a week in the sunshine on a beach does sound enticing, the large numbers of people flocking to these places and WHO declaring airports, planes and general travel practices as ‘high risk’ for the time being, people are looking closer to home.

Benefits of a Great British Staycation

There are many reasons why people are finding the great British staycation more appealing than travelling abroad this year including:

· Limited contact with people

· Avoiding busy places full of strangers outside your bubble including airports and the plane itself

· Fears of air circulation on the plane

· The inconvenience of the 14-day quarantine required when you return to the UK · Shorter travel times

· No need for passports or extensive packing

· Explore more of great Britain’s history and natural beauty spots

Why Oxford is a Popular Staycation Spot

Oxford, named the ‘top destination of choice’ by the holiday-makers in 2019, is an outstanding location to consider your great British staycation this summer! Named the 5th best place to visit in England, Oxford seems to have it all – a charming town centre, beautiful architecture, lots of history to explore and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Oxford seems to have something for everyone – the college and the Natural History museum for history buffs, the Sheldonian Theatre for entertainment lover, the Oxford University Parks for the walkers, Cowley Road for thrifty shoppers and a delightful coffee culture for high tea or traditional tea and scones! It’s perfect for a real getaway and lots of tasty treats!

Why Windsor is a Popular Staycation Spot

Windsor is another beautiful and popular hotspot for a great British staycation. Popular before the royal wedding but even more so after, Windsor Castle is a breath-taking sight with a range of tour options – so don’t forget to take in the gardens!

Take in the stunning views and wildlife hotspot, Windsor Great Park, home to 500 free-roaming red deer. Browse a range of heritage sires including Dorney Court and grab a refreshing beer or ice cream in one of the many pubs and beer gardens.

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